Glagolitic chants

This CD is collection of old Croatian traditional glagolitic liturgical chants, which are preserved as cultural heritage in Omišalj – a small coastal town, one of the oldest ones on the island Krk. Accompanying booklet is designed to evoke feel of old Croatian glagolitic manuscripts. Top side of the CD features painting of Croatian paintress Vjera Reiser, whose work is heavily inspired by Croatian glagolitic tradition.

A brief cultural background on Glagolitic alphabet

The Glagolitic alphabet is the oldest known Slavic script which was introduced in mid-9th century and was used in the Slavic world until the 16th century. It is worth mentioning that the Glagolitic alphabet was actively used in Croatia – and only in Croatia – up until the 20th century.

Some of the most beautiful Croatian Glagolitic books are Missal of duke Novak written in 1368, and Hrvoje’s Missal written in 1404.
In 1483 the first Croatian Glagolitic book, Missale Romanum Glagolitice, was printed – merely 28 years after Guttenberg’s Bible. It was the first Missal in Europe which had not been printed in Latin. The last printed Glagolitic book for regular liturgical use was Parčić’s Missal in 1905.

Glagoljasko pjevanje

Except for the very rich sacral literature, there is immense amount of other glagolitic documents which shows that the Glagolitic alphabet was also used in the administration and in legal and private communication.

We know of several Croatian city statutes written in the glagolitic script. One of the oldest is Law Codex of Vinodol or Vinodol statute. Written in 1288, it is one of the oldest law texts written in Croatian language and is among the oldest Slavic codes.
The oldest known Croatian nonliturgical verses are from 1380.

The Glagolitic tradition has prominent role in Croatian culture and history and became recognizable cultural heritage.



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