The airplane has landed. On the street

Camera tracking, for me a new interesting concept that I wanted to try. So I headed out, shoot some video clips and try to figure out in which would be best to realize the idea that I have. That is – put an airplane, not in the sky but somewhere else.

First I had to model the low-poly plane himself.

Then the light and shadows had to be resolved. Rendering and compositing came at the end.

Frame from finished animation. The plane has landed.

Exploring various ideas as well as trying to match lightning and shadows in the video/photo and my in render:

Behind the scenes: work in progress:

And the finished video look like this:

Of course, as the name suggests, airplane belongs to air. Hence the short animation:


Tomislav Alajbeg Written by:

Twenty years of shifting letters, words, objects and layouts. Countless unspeakably funny hours in a search for a fine photograph. Sketching reindeer, carving small objects.