The path of learning

It always takes a lot of practice if one is to learn something. As passionate autodidact, I am in a constant search for a tutorial more. πŸ™‚

However, we don’t want to be good only at following tutorials. That’s why I often try to add something of my own, some idea I want to try or to simply try & verify what I’ve learned.

Here are the results of some of tutorials, showing – above all to me – the path, sometimes very long, I have taken.

November 2021

Apples and Bowl
Among other useful tips, here I have learned about and tried texture painting.

Result of Blender 3D Tutorial – Apples and a pear.

October 2021

The Chair
Quick but very important tutorial on modelling.

The Chair – Result of a Blender Tutorial

May 2020

Sea Shack
Very interesting, informative and funny tutorial.

The Shack – final result of the Blender 3D Tutorial

And here are two short animations:

November 2019

The Well
Beginners Tutorial. Short and funny. I have made – just for fun – two versions: the normal day and the additional night scene.

The Well – final result of the Blender 3D Tutorial


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